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Our educational demands for implementing a successful Race and Ethnic studies Requirement


OUR DEMANDS ARE SIMPLEWe are calling on the PSU Faculty Senate to vote in favor of the Race and Ethnic Studies requirement proposed by the School of Gender, Race, and Nations. We demand that the vote reflects the original proposal in its entirety, and is voted in without being watered down in the process.

WE DEMAND that the proposal retains the requirement that 1 of the 2 required classes be taken under the School of Gender, Race, and Nations.

WE DEMAND that the proposal and subsequent vote by Faculty Senate, support the need to provide a majority decision making power to the School of Gender, Race, and Nations - whose departments specialize and center disrupting systemic racism and creating culturally responsive pedagogy at its roots.

WE DEMAND that the proposal continues to reflect the intention to target and confront structures of colonialism and imperialism within its curricular framework.

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