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Change requires transparency and accountability for it to TRULY be revolutionary

President Percy's letter on disrupting systemic racism

August 21st, 2020: Public statement to the Portland State University community from president Stephen Percy, on the responsibility of dismantling systemic racism within the institution.

Letter from President Percy on confronti
ASPSU Resolution (PASSED).png
ASPSU Resolution of support for Race/Ethnic Studies Course Requirement Implementation

March 29th, 2021: The Associated Students of Portland State University passed the Resolution of Support for Race/Ethnic Studies Requirement Implementation. The Resolution explicitly states ASPSU "resolve to stand in support of the initially proposed SGRN faculty Senate proposal to create a Race and Ethnicities Studies Requirement"

Statement and Resolution Against Racism and Discrimination

June 8th, 2020: The Faculty Senate passed a resolution in June 2020 to acknowledge the systemic nature of racism within the institution, and to take the necessary steps in having a plan of action that effectively addresses and resolves Portland State University's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion problems. 

Statement and Resolution Against Racism

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